Friday, January 6, 2012

7 Days left to place your Ad in Fetish Fair Fleamarket Program Guide

I realize this is not the 'best' use of my blog - to post something about advertising for the Fetish Flea, and I thank you for understanding me posting this announcement here, so that folks who might like an opportunity to advertise in the program guide can see the announcement :-)

If you don't already know, I sit on the Board of Directors for the organization that produces the Flea, and I'm one of the primary Programming peeps, so I'm a bit involved :-)

The Flea attracts people from all over: predominantly New England, New York/NJ and the Mid Atlantic, and we have folks coming from TX, CA, Montreal, IL, and more!

So, for Advertising in the Fetish Fair Fleamarket Program Guide:

Business owners and professionals can reach over 3,000 new
customers in this years enlarged Fetish Fair Fleamarket Program Guide. Over
3,000 attendees will be saving this book and for the first time it
will have space available for kink friendly professionals to show
their support and let us know that they welcome our business.

Both kink related businesses and those who share an interest can be included -
if you are an attorney, realtor, financial or health care
professional, contractor, salesman or photographer there is still
time to place your message in the Fetish Fair Fleamarket Program
Guide. Several levels of Sponsorships are also available.

Contact Stephen Magnotta at or at
508 274 -7900 for more information. Deadline to reserve your ad is January 14.

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